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Q. One of my zones is not getting heat.

A. it could be air bound or a bad circulator pump.

Q. Water is coming out of the relief valve.

A. Check the pressure in the boiler gauge.

It should be between 15 & 20 lbs.

If it is over 32 lbs. it will blow off the relief valve.

Q. Why is my pressure over 32lbs?

A. It could be a few things, 1. It could be a bad expansion tank, 2. It could be a bad pressure reducing valve, 3. It could be a hole in the domestic hot water coil, or if you have an old style expansion tank that you can empty, empty it.

You will have to test to see which of these it is.

Q. I need to bleed my boiler zones.

A. If it a monoflo system & have the old style radiators you will need to bleed each one separately

If you have a loop system (baseboard) you bleed it from the boiler.

Q. I get my hot water from a boiler & it’s too hot.

A. Opens the mixing valve a little more to let more cold water into the hot side.

If you do not have a mixing valve you will need to install one.

Q. How often should I have my boiler serviced?

A. At least once a year if its oil, it should have a tune up & vacuum out. Gas boilers should be serviced once a year.


If it has any leaks which can cause air to get into the system & leave you with no heat should be taken care of right away. Here is some preventive medicine for your gas boiler, Use one pound of trisodium phosphate for every fifty gallons of water content. Fill, vent and circulate the system with above mixture, allowing it to reach design or operating temperature, if possible. After circulating a few hours, drain the system completely and refill with fresh water. Usually, enough of the cleaner will adhere to the piping to give an alkaline solution satisfactory for operation; a pH reading between 7 to 8.5. Sodium carbonate (one pound for every 30 gallons of water content) or sodium hydroxide (lye) (one pound for every 50 gallons) may be used. Check pH level after cleaning. It should be between 7 and 8.5. A small amount of cleaner maybe added to adjust the pH up to the proper range. DO NOT use petroleum based products in the boiler.


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Q. My faucet won’t shut off.

A. as in the above Q you can rebuild it, it depends on the faucet.

Q. Water comes out of the shower & not the tub or vice versa.

A. sounds like a bad diverter, either shower body diverter or tub spout diverter.

Q. Weak pressure in the shower.

A. either the shower head is clogged or it has the pressure reducer in it.




Q. My toilet runs from time to time. A. Make sure the water level in tank is not overflow tube, Change the flapper. If after you change flapper & you still have problem you will need to change overflow or Douglas valve.

Q. Water leaking from in between tank & bowl.

A. gasket under tank is probably shot,

Buy new close couple kit & change it.

Q. Toilet water coming all the way up & over the bowl.

A. it’s either a clog in the bowl or a main line clog.

Q. I want to change my tank handle but I can’t get the nut off?

A. They are reverse threads.

Q. Water is leaking out of the lead pipe under the toilet.

A. You will need to replace that lead bend

Pull the toilet, cut it out, replace it & reset toilet.



Q. My drain line is leaking. A. most places I go into to use tubular fittings that have nuts & plastic washers I usually replace all that junk with real pvc fittings that are primed & glued instead of “tubular” fittings It will out live us all!

Q. My sink is clogged.

A. Usually you can use a plunger & get the clog.

If you have a double sink make sure you put the stopper in one side

If there is a dishwasher hooked up I recommend that you take apart the drain & snake it out.

Q. My faucet is dripping.

A. You can rebuild the faucet (change washers & so forth).

All faucets are different, email me at for more info on you type faucet.

Q. I need to change my supply line but I can’t get my tool up to loosen the nuts to the faucet

A. you will need to purchase a special “basin wrench”.

Q. Why do I need a trap under the sink & tub?

A. to keep the sewer (cesspool) smells out of the house.


Q. I have no hot water.

A. If you have an electric heater make sure the circuit breaker didn’t trip.

If you are getting power to the unit you may have a bad heating element.

If you have gas make sure the pilot light is lit

If not lit, light it.

Q. I tried to light the pilot but it keeps going out.

A. sounds like a bad thermocouple.

Q. Water is leaking from under the heater.

A. you need a new heater; the basic life span on a water heater is about 12-15 years.

Q. Water is coming out of the relief valve.

A. Try tapping the side of the valve, if it continues replace the relief valve.

Q. My hot water is discolored.

A. probably your water heater is too old & needs to be replaced, or if you’re getting your hot water from a boiler your coil needs to cleaned or replaced.

Q. What size should my smoke pipe be.

A. minimum of  4”.